Motorcoach Regulations
South Dakota Highway Patrol
Motor Carrier Section

118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
605-773-6046 - fax

Here, you can get acquainted with South Dakota motorcoach regulations to save some time and make for a pleasant tour.

If your vehicle consumes special fuel (diesel or liquid petroleum gas), you may purchase a special fuel user's temporary trip permit for $20. It is valid until you leave the state of South Dakota. If you plan to operate in South Dakota on a regular basis, you may file an application for a special fuel user's license with the Department of Revenue. If you are licensed under the IFTA program in your base state, South Dakota will honor that license.

If a vehicle is not displaying apportioned plates from an IRP State, the carrier can purchase a temporary trip permit (Highway Use Receipt) from the Department of Public Safety for a $15 fee.Temporary trip permits may be obtained by calling the South Dakota Permit Center at 605-698-3925. South Dakota will honor the IRP plate and cab card as long as South Dakota is indicated on the cab card.