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State Tourism Takes Dramatically Different Approach in 2012


South Dakota Launches “Your American Journey” Campaign

PIERRE, S.D. – The next time you see a commercial on television promoting a vacation in South Dakota, it will look and sound unlike anything the state has previously aired. High-definition aerial video and a different music score showcase a new marketing campaign entitled “Your American Journey". 

“The previous campaign served us well for many years, and became very memorable. People at travel shows would approach our booth singing or humming the ‘Great Faces. Great Places.’ song,” said Jim Hagen, Secretary of the Department of Tourism in South Dakota. “However, success sometimes leads to complacency. The Department decided it was time for a fresh perspective; time for something that would reach visitors on an emotional level.”

The new campaign taps into Americans’ love of traveling as well as our desire to journey to places of historic significance, unimagined beauty and patriotic inspiration.

“It’s the centerpiece of our American dream. Where you’ll find true freedom. Where the mountains will move you,” says the narrator in the new ads. “Come find your place among the dreamers, the doers and the great faces and great places of South Dakota. Your American Journey begins here.”

In addition to the TV commercials, “Your American Journey” will be marketed through new print ads and a redesigned website.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism is comprised of Tourism, the South Dakota Arts Council, and the South Dakota State Historical Society. The Department is led by Secretary James D. Hagen.