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Officers Reelected for Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board


PIERRE, S.D. – The Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board has selected its officers for 2017.

Ted Hustead* of Wall was reelected board president during a meeting today in Pierre. Ivan Sorbel* of Pine Ridge was reelected vice president.

“The Department of Tourism is grateful and proud of the service provided by our board members, including the second terms of our president and vice president,” said Jim Hagen, Secretary of the Department of Tourism. “We are fortunate to have leaders like these who care so deeply about tourism in our state. The direction they provide to the department is invaluable.”

The Tourism Advisory Board is appointed by the Governor and includes members of the tourism industry and citizen representatives from across the state. Board members serve as liaisons and advocates for businesses in their area and the South Dakota Department of Tourism. The board also offers input about marketing strategies for the department.

Current Tourism Advisory Board members include Stan Anderson, Wall; Tom Biegler*, Sioux Falls; John Brockelsby*, Rapid City; Ted Hustead, Wall; George Kessler, Aberdeen; Ann Lesch*, DeSmet; Julie Ranum*, Watertown; Carmen Schramm*, Yankton; Frank Smith, Gettysburg; Ivan Sorbel, Pine Ridge; and Kristi Wagner, Whitewood.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism is comprised of Tourism and the South Dakota Arts Council. The department is led by Secretary James D. Hagen.


For a high resolution photos of the Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board, follow this link:

Photo of board L. to R.: Ann Lesch, Ivan Sorbel, Julie Ranum, Carmen Schramm, John Brockelsby, Ted Hustead, Frank Smith, Stan Anderson, Kristi Wagner, Tom Biegler

Not pictured: George Kessler

Photo of officers, L. to R.: Ivan Sorbel, Ted Hustead

*Biegler (BEE’-glur)
*Brockelsby (BRAHK’-uhlz-bee)
*Hustead (HYOO’-sted)
*Lesch (LEH’-sh)
*Ranum (RAN’-uhm)
*Schramm (sh-RAM’)
*Sorbel (SOR’-bull)


Katlyn Richter, Global Media & Public Relations Director
South Dakota Department of Tourism
Phone: 605-773-3301