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Jones County: History, Hunting and Hospitality


PIERRE, S.D. – Jones County offers visitors a look at history as well as popular South Dakota outdoor activities. Make a stop in Murdo, Draper or Okaton and experience both, along with friendly hospitality.

Murdo is well-known as a popular tourist attraction, conveniently located along Interstate 90. The Pioneer Auto Show features over 250 collectible cars, motorcycles, tractors, music boxes, antique toys and various other items. This variety show also contains a great collection of Zeitner rocks, gems and fossils.

Just west of Jones County, visitors can stroll down the Main Street of South Dakota’s Original 1880 town and explore more than 30 buildings authentically furnished with thousands of artifacts. Envision life on the prairie while enjoying the rolling terrain. View various props used in the filming of “Dances with Wolves.”

The region also boasts plentiful hunting and fishing grounds. The North Dam, located five miles north of Murdo, offers an abundance of fishing and recreational activities. This natural dam includes picnic areas and scenic views for visitors to enjoy.

The Uniquely South Dakota series is a project of the South Dakota Office of Tourism designed to highlight unique aspects and attractions in each of South Dakota's 66 counties. This profile was researched and compiled by Shayla Waugh, public relations intern for the Office of Tourism.


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