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Davison County: A Popular Destination


PIERRE, S.D. – Davison County, famous for the World’s Only Corn Palace, hosts several attractions for visitors. This southeastern county, located along Interstate 90, hosts the communities of Mitchell, Mount Vernon, Ethan and Loomis.

Stop in Mitchell and tour The World's Only Corn Palace, one of the state’s most popular destinations. The World's Only Corn Palace is an incredible structure standing as a tribute to the state’s agricultural heritage. Enjoy new murals each year as the exterior is stripped down and thousands of bushels of corn and other grains are applied to the building. The yearly mural is designed by a local artist and depicts an aspect of the South Dakotan lifestyle.

Take a tour of the Thomson Center Archeodome and discover artifacts that, more than 1,000 years ago, comprised a thriving village. Excavations at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village site have uncovered clues of village life including the food the villagers ate to the tools they used. Learn the tale of this village with a full-scale walk-through earth lodge and a reconstructed buffalo skeleton. Take a guided tour and watch audiovisual presentations to learn the ways of the early inhabitants.

Celebrate the traditions of early American settlers as well as the region’s rich American Indian culture at the Dakota Discovery Museum. Featured exhibits include the Plains Indians, Fur Trade, Dakota Territory, Railroading, Farming and Ranching, and the Great Depression.

The Enchanted World Doll Museum also offers an enchanting experience for all ages. Enter this English-style castle and discover more than 4,000 dolls set in 400 unique scenes. The museum is internationally recognized as one of the best doll museums in the world.

For even more history about the area, visit The site lists several places in Loomis, just a few miles north of Mitchell.

The Uniquely South Dakota series is a project of the South Dakota Office of Tourism designed to highlight unique aspects and attractions in each of South Dakota’s 66 counties. This profile was researched and compiled by Shayla Waugh, public relations intern for the Office of Tourism.


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