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Where The West Began


PIERRE, S.D. – Many people believe the South Dakota west began in the Black Hills.  This is not necessarily the case.  Early on, the west began where a new settlement had ended.  Soon, the “new west” was defined by social customs and economics rather than geographic boundaries.

This marker, located on US Highway 14 in Huron, describes the start of the west.  A new climate, different farming practices, a change in topography and different lifestyles.  Farms got larger and primarily focused on ranching, towns and cities were spaced further apart, flat terrain turned into rolling hills, and boots and broad-rimmed hats became “the style”.

The West began out east.  To all of the first settlers, the Lakota Indians, early explorers, homesteaders and rugged pioneers who mapped, developed and learned to live with the land, this marker was respectfully dedicated.   

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