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Jedediah Smith, Missionary Explorer


PIERRE, S.D. - Jedediah Smith first ventured into Dakota Territory in the early 1800s. He gained fame as a frontiersman and explorer, and may be acknowledged with mapping out and discovering much of western Dakota Territory. 

Jedediah is widely regarded as the first white man to venture through the Black Hills and further westward. His explorations were significant in opening the American West to expansion by white settlers.

Smith considered the missionary his primary objective and his explorations were only of secondary importance to him. Those who knew him referred to him as a man whose integrity and faith surpassed his experience and skill as a mountain man and explorer. He was an example of piety for the rough men with whom he dealt and dwelt.

There is a historical marker, off of US Hwy 12 by the Missouri River bridge near Mobridge that pays tribute to Smiths’ accomplishments, spirit and contribution to the exploration of South Dakota’s wilderness.

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