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Campsite of General Custer's Expedition


PIERRE, S.D. – Located two miles east of Custer is an open valley where history was made.  This area served as the main base camp for General George Armstrong Custer’s expedition to find gold in the Black Hills.  Their stay at the “Golden Valley,” as General Custer called it, lasted five days, the longest of any stop made during the trip. 
The expedition that settled here is said to have been the largest and best equipped military exploration group ever assembled up to that point in time.  Thousands of men and horses, hundreds of cattle and wagons, and many scouts, guides, miners and other personnel scattered their tents and equipment throughout the entire valley.
It was from this site that General Custer sent out a scout messenger to inform Ft. Laramie that gold had been discovered on French Creek.  This single act led to a flood of gold hungry travelers, pushing their way into the sacred, and then forbidden, Black Hills.   
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