PIERRE S.D. – Every year in June a celebration like no other in South Dakota takes place. Tabor, South Dakota, hosts Czech Days, a festival celebrating the heritage of the Czechoslovakian immigrants who settled in the southeast region of the state. Tabor’s Czech Days is one of South Dakota’s Great Places.

The three day event is set to take place June 16-18, 2011.

Throughout the three days, Czech Days offers a wide variety of events, activities, and traditional Czech food. In addition to a baseball game, fireworks display, live bands and craft fair, there are the Tabor Beseda Dancers performing the traditional Czech Beseda dance, polka dancing contest, a traditional kolache baking demonstration, and the crowning of Czech Days royalty. The culmination of the three day event ends with the Czech Days Royalty Coronation Ball.

Visit www.taborczechdays.com for more information regarding Czech Days.


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 Information for this press release was obtained from the Tabor Czech Days website.