Department of Tourism

We want people to feel at home in our state and we go out of our way to welcome visitors as they explore our world-class attractions and phenomenal outdoor opportunities. That’s just one of the many privileges and responsibilities of the South Dakota Department of Tourism. We are here to serve the people of South Dakota and all who come to meet our Great Faces and explore our Great Places.

In South Dakota, we like to think that we are best known for our friendly people, the great faces that welcome you to our state full of great places. We’re happy to help as you plan your South Dakota vacation. Our website, publications and social media sites can be great resources for inspiration and planning.

James D. Hagen serves as the Secretary of the Department of Tourism, which is is made up of two divisions: Tourism and the South Dakota Arts Council. Together, we work to tell the South Dakota story to visitors from across the world and right here at home.

In addition to family and individual travelers, the Department of Tourism also reaches out to domestic and international travel professionals, filmmakers and travel writers. To assist these specific audiences, we have websites tailored specifically to them:

Are you planning a tour or bringing a tour group to South Dakota? This website includes suggested itineraries, a list of receptive operators and other general information about South Dakota and our major attractions. Also included is a digital version of our Group Tour Planning Guide. (also

South Dakota is full of history, adventure and family fun. If you're a reporter or freelance writer looking to do a feature story on South Dakota, you will find plenty of ideas in the South Dakota Newsroom. (also

This site is specifically for those South Dakota businesses and organizations that are involved in the tourism industry in the state. It features information about the cooperative programs offered by the Department of Tourism as well as the annual conference, the hospitality program, hostings, and program deadlines.

Find information about crews, services, locations, film permits and much more. This website is designed specifically for directors and producers who want to make use of South Dakota’s resources.

The South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) is a state agency serving South Dakotans and their communities through the arts. SDAC makes quality arts accessible throughout the state by providing grants, services and information to artists, arts organizations, schools and the public.

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Please feel free to contact our Department of Tourism office if you have any concerns, comments or requests.